NWMotiv is a resource hub for automotive enthusiasts in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho online and at events. Utilizing a completely responsive website, social media integration and a grassroots event team we’ve established the next generation of niche marketing for hyper localized exposure with real time feedback. To our audience we offer a range of free experiences, informed articles, professional photography, videos, and information about what matters to us all as tuners in the Northwest.

Josh Mackey
President & Creative Director
Email: mackey@nwmotiv.com

Armin Ausejo
Vice President & Editorial Manager
Email: armin@nwmotiv.com

Jason Campbell
Vice President of Logistics
Email: jason@nwmotiv.com

Mike Bowen
Senior Developer
Email: mike@nwmotiv.com

David Fotheringham
New Business Development
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Matt Faraca
Event Staff Manager
Email: mattf@nwmotiv.com

Jescelynn Mackey
Purchasing & Merchandising Manager
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Alan Whitright
Event Staff Support
Email: alan@nwmotiv.com

Brian Stevens
Event Staff Support & Writer
Email: brian@nwmotiv.com

Erich Breitkreutz
Head Judge and Technical Support
Email: erich@nwmotiv.com

Cameron Jurgensen
Event Staff Support
Email: cameron@nwmotiv.com

Chris Dunbar
Event Manager & Support
Email: chris@nwmotiv.com

Sharlene Manduriao
Brand Ambassador
Email: shar@nwmotiv.com

Jenilynn Bourge
Merchandising Assistant
Email: jen@nwmotiv.com

Vinnie Nguyen
Staff Photographer & Writer
Email: vinnie@nwmotiv.com

Jake Magraw
Staff Videographer & Photographer
Email: jake@nwmotiv.com

James Whelan
Staff Videographer & Photographer
Email: james@nwmotiv.com

Allison Almario
Social Media
Email: allison@nwmotiv.com













Who is NWMotiv

The Pacific Northwest is rich with history; our tuner scene is no different. NWMotiv is comprised of successful known contributors to the last decade of the tuning scene in the region. From nationally recognized photographers and authors to marketers and production people that are known for some of the biggest niche automotive events in the region’s history.

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What We Do

NWMotiv is a free independent organization that specializes in online and offline activities for tuners and gear heads in the local region. The NWMotiv International Automotive Showcase, Fast Five Premiere, Forum Fest, inMotion and HondaFest NW are just a handful of events our area has enjoyed in recent years. Our goal is to bring you bigger and better events and continue to provide you with the best coverage and features. Thank you to our family, friends, sponsors and fans for all the support since our launch!

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