the Kings Part iii: The Sensei

by Armin H. Ausejoon September 3, 2014
To truly be a “master” is no easy task. Most people go through years of higher education or intense physical training to earn the title, and afterward they have to live up to the respect that the title commands. On the other hand, for some the name is simply bestowed upon them, as is the case with BHM’s own Bill Master.


Evergreen Drift Pro-Am Championship Final Round

by Ken Arnoldon September 3, 2014
The day started out with sun and anticipation for Round 5 of the Evergreen Drift Pro-Am Championship at Evergreen Speedway.

FormFest 2014

Formfest 2014 Coverage

by Chris Woldon September 2, 2014
Unlike cities like Portland or Seattle, Boise is not a city that is known for hosting import-themed car shows. However, groups of people have been gathering now for a few years to host one car show towards the end of summer.


the Kings Part II: The Wiiizard

by Josh Mackeyon August 29, 2014
In a region that has an endless supply of Hondas, Huy Hoang’s White 2002 Acura RSX stands out among one of the best -- at least until his red one is finished.

the Kings Part I

by Josh Mackeyon August 28, 2014
There is no hiding the fact that Hondas hold a very dominant stake in the Northwest automotive community, and we've hand-selected the best to be a part of a new series we’re calling, “The Kings.” Welcome to Part 1 of 7.