the Kings Part VII: the Baller

by Josh Mackeyon October 8, 2014
In a time where millennials are ruining a culture built by pioneers of the industry, it’s always good to take a look back at some that have stayed true to what it means to be an automotive enthusiast. In this light and the final part to our Kings series, we finally catch up with Steve Kwan and his 1996 Honda Civic.


the Kings Part VI: the OG

by Armin H. Ausejoon October 3, 2014
The Pacific Northwest’s car scene is rich with history, and while many car enthusiasts have come and gone over the years, Terry Suvonnarith remains loyal to his historical roots.


the Kings Part V: The Hurricane

by Armin H. Ausejoon September 24, 2014
BHM member Mel Diego steps it up and “makes it hurricane” with his no expenses spared Honda Civic EP3


the King Part IV: The Troublemaker

by Josh Mackeyon September 17, 2014
When comparing the show enthusiast community, it’s pretty clear that cars dominate bikes when it comes to modification and show participation. However, with an increase in scooters and other smaller bikes, we’re starting to see that rise, and Terry’s 2011 Honda Ruckus runs ahead of the pack.


the Kings Part iii: The Sensei

by Armin H. Ausejoon September 3, 2014
To truly be a “master” is no easy task. Most people go through years of higher education or intense physical training to earn the title, and afterward they have to live up to the respect that the title commands. On the other hand, for some the name is simply bestowed upon them, as is the case with BHM’s own Bill Master.