Judging Part 4 – Overall

by Erich Breitkreutzon June 18, 2015
When it comes to presentation, your overall theme and execution is worth 40 points out of 215, read what our judges will be looking for and a recap of what you might have missed.


Judging Part 3 – Engine

by Erich Breitkreutzon June 12, 2015
So far we've covered Exterior in Part 1 and Interior in Part 2 of our judging series and now it's time to talk about the elephant in the room, the engine which consists of 60 of 215 total points.


Timeless Menace – An Unsolved Mystery

by Josh Mackeyon June 10, 2015
A short story on the unsolved mysterious disappearance and secretive cover up of one of the Northwest's best Mazda RX-7's


Judging Part 2 – Interior

by Erich Breitkreutzon June 3, 2015
What exactly is judged when we judge interior? Unlike exterior, which encompasses quite a few things (including suspension, brakes and wheels), interior is nearly everything inside the car’s cabin. That includes, but is not limited to: seats, harnesses, cages, custom upholstery, gauges, shift knobs, lighting and I.C.E. (in-car entertainment). Interior and I.C.E. modifications are worth 50 points out of 215 total.


Judging Part 1 – Exterior

by Erich Breitkreutzon May 27, 2015
Many times before, during, or after our events, we are asked questions regarding judging. In our first part of four, we examine what our judges look for when reviewing the exterior of a vehicle at an NWMotiv produced show.