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Why KCTS9’s Street Racing Story is a Joke

by on April 16, 2016

By now, you’ve probably seen the feature video that KCTS9, a local and publicly-funded TV channel based in Seattle, did on Kent street racing. If you haven’t yet seen it, you can find it here.

Caught up? Good.

Street racing in Kent, or the greater Seattle, area has been a problem for the past 20 years. This is well-documented and each of the cities it has affected (including Kent) over the years has passed laws that prohibit street racing and the mere act of watching it as a spectator.


Overhead Shot of HondaFest 2015 at Pacific Raceways.

What KCTS9 failed to do was report what is good in our community and how we’ve been working hand-in-hand with different venues, organizations and even law enforcement for the past 10 years to provide a safe, reliable outlet for those to race and/or show off their cars.

Remember that this is a publicly-funded company that produces educational content and children’s shows that brought you a mock-u-mentary of illegal street racing in our community, without a shred of support to the organizations that work hard to not only prevent it, but also promote and/or produce safe events for them to attend.


Our founding members have been in the import community for over 25 years; we’ve worked with local, national and highly-funded Hollywood productions. The producers of this segment clearly got themselves into something they had no idea of what they were reporting about. Instead, the video comes off as a complete joke and absolutely embarrassing for groups such as NWMotiv, that has spent the past six years promoting, growing and producing safe events for the automotive community.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a production crew has stormed the Kent streets looking for that “shocking” video. You might recall five years ago, when a National Geographic show titled “Street Heat: High Speed Justice” did the same thing. This one-and-done show was merely just a pilot that fell on its face, because just like the producers of the KCTS9 segment, the Street Heat producers failed to show the good with the bad and came across as an overly dramatic, misinterpretation of what is actually going on in our community.

On Set Shoot for the Intro of "Street Heat: High Speed Justice"

On Set Shoot for the Intro of “Street Heat: High Speed Justice”

Why is illegal street racing so popular? Access to cheaper cars and more affordable modifications have made it twice as easy for drivers.  With the sheer amount of cars on the road during a race night, any local police department will not be able to handle the sheer volume. This leaves little risk for the driver knowing that his or her chances of getting caught are slim to none. Combine that with the thrill of the hunt and you have an instant addiction to wanting to hit the streets.


In addition, local communities have failed to support legal means for car enthusiasts to race their cars. Rather than allowing the established, legal race tracks to stay open longer or support a wider variety of driving events (such as drifting), community members complain of noise and traffic, forcing local governments to prevent expansion of legal, sanctioned activities. This is very backwards, but it’s been the status quo for a good number of years now. If car enthusiasts looking for an inexpensive, safe and legal place to race are denied the opportunity to do so, then where else would you expect them to go? You don’t cure the sickness by closing the hospital, but that’s essentially what’s been done here for nearly two decades.

We at NWMotiv do not and have never condoned illegal street racing of any type. Not only is it dangerous for the driver, but also anyone else involved watching and/or merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We will continue to provide a safe outlet for you to drive your cars for a low cost without the dangers of illegal activities.

Do not support KCTS9’s junk piece and let them know how you feel about the misguided information that they have provided our community.

Oh and KCTS9, if you’re reading this, like many issues, there are countless perspectives and viewpoints. This is merely one of them. Thanks for reading.