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Project SI – Race 5 Update – SMF Win!!!

by on April 26, 2011

Coming off the sweep of events 3 and 4 the target on my back for event 5 was bigger than ever.  With the competition in the class stepping up to a bigger tire and new suspension, the work would be cut out for the project SI.   For event 5 the Snake River SCCA club made its way back to the Dealer’s Auto Auction of Idaho lot, which is one of the larger venues the club has to offer.   The course design for Saturday’s event featured wide gates which had drivers focusing more on the driving line than avoiding cones for the next gate.  After a fun morning session and getting the tire pressures settled in the afternoon runs started with finally some heat on the track and in the tires.  Each run was getting faster and faster, however so was the competitions.   The last run of the day and the pressure was on to extend the lead and put more of a hurdle in front of the Mazda Speed3, with a little error in one corner I pushed a bit harder the rest of the course and end up running a 33.268.   That time kept me in 1st place for the SMF Class, now 4 wins a row!!!  There were 76 different racers this weekend, out of that group I finished 13th in RAW time and 8th in PAX times.

TOP 3 SMF (April 23rd Results)

1st – Chris Wold – 2007 Honda Civic SI – 33.268
2nd – Anthony Amado – 2007 Mazda Speed3 – 33.690
3rd – Trevor Lombard-Bloom – 1988 Honda Accord – 35.911


1st – Chris Wold – 2007 Honda Civic SI – 32 Points
2nd – Anthony Amado – 2007 Mazda Speed3 – 29 Points
3rd – Trevor Lombard-Bloom – 1988 Honda Accord – 19 Points

Got some big updates that will happen over this week, so stayed posted to see those and for the next race May 7th and 8th for the Project SI, see if we can extend the lead in the SMF Class.

Couple photos from Greg Myers:

Now for some video fun:

Fastest Run (Outside view)

Fastest Run (Inside view)

Cold Tire vs Warm Tire comparison:

Who says FWD can’t drift!!!!

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