Project BRZ


The NWMotiv Project BRZ grows out of daily driver status and into a full race ready weekend warrior.

The first phase of the build was to show enthusiasts how they can modify their BRZ/FRS platform to maintain as a daily driven car but also a competitive car for weekend racing events. As the build progressed we had great success in creating a competitive daily driver autocross car, however our vision grew past that.


Phase two has begun which removes many items as the daily driver it was set out to be. Although the car is still street legal and driven to events, the build has now progressed into a dedicated competitive track and time attack car.


Notably missing is the entire interior including but not limited to the dash, rear seats and panels. A full race spec roll cage has been installed along with a set of seats and harnesses. We have a lot more planned for the BRZ this fall, stay tuned!


  • 3M 1080 Carbon Wrapped Roof
  • HT-Autos Front Lip
  • Lamin-X Yellow Headlight Covers
  • Perrin Front Plate Relocation Kit
  • Removed Fog/DRL
  • Removed Front Grill
  • Lexan Windows Side Windows
  • Custom Vented Fenders


  • Custom 8 Point Cage (Lime Green)
  • Perrin Shift Knob
  • Recaro ProFI Seats
  • G-Force 5-Point Racing Harness
  • Works Bell Short Hub
  • NRG Quick Release Gen 2
  • NRG Steering Wheel
  • Fully gutted
  • Custom Mounted Push Button Start
  • Custom Trimmed Dash Harness
  • Custom Paddle Shifter Mount
  • Gutted Door Frames

Brakes and Suspension:

  • Lowering Springs
  • Perrin Front Sway (19mm)
  • Perrin Adjustable Rear Sway (16mm)
  • Perrin Front and Rear End-Links
  • Perrin Front Control Arm Brace
  • Perrin Positive Steering Lock
  • Perrin Transmission Mount
  • Whiteline Camber Kit
  • Whiteline Front Strut Tower Brace
  • Whiteline Rear Sway Bar Brace
  • Whiteline Front Control Arm Lower Inner Front Bushing
  • Whiteline Front Control Arm Lower Inner Rear Bushing
  • Whiteline Rear Trailing Arm Lower Front Bushing
  • RacerX Fabrication Rear Lower Control Arms (Lime Green)


  • Vortech Supercharger Kit (8psi Pulley)
  • 3Bar Map Sensor
  • Perrin Over-Pipe (2.5”)
  • Front Pipe (2.5”)
  • Perrin Exhaust (3”)
  • Perrin Exhaust Hangers
  • Perrin Oil Cooler
  • Perrin Motor Mounts
  • Perrin EcuTek Tuned (Jeff Perrin) – 4 Maps
  • OEM Subaru A/C Delete Bracket and Pulley
  • Custom Gutted Header
  • Custom Straight Exhaust (Race Only)

Wheels and Tires:

  • 18×9 Forgestar F14 Wheels (Matte Black)
  • +32 Front / +38 Rear
  • 235/45/18 Toyo R888s