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Opinion: There is such thing as overkill.

by on August 31, 2015

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^^ Exactly.  <insert maniacal joker laugh here>

I once read an article about how “Car Shows are Dead,” which was at the time, written by a good friend. He wrote it with a little bit of gusto with the shock and awe treatment, but based his entire opinion of a dead culture from one geographical location. It went viral, I made an argument; people got mad, life moved on, yadda yadda yadda.

Now that we’re steadily approaching the end of summer, it’s hard to fathom that another year has come and gone, but to some, it just won’t end. Someone should tell them that it should. Another round of the same thing is coming to town that offers an “end of the season” event (oh, I’ve heard that before somewhere…), followed by basically the same thing, but by a different group. But wait! It gets better: it’s followed up again with basically the same thing, by yet another different group.

If you don’t think that’s bad, then maybe consider that all three of these events are all at the SAME VENUE, mere weeks apart.


Car shows shouldn’t last all year long, especially in the Northwest when the brunt of our terrible weather begins mid to late September. Teams, builders, companies and venues need a break. They need time to reset and plan out the next year. It’s a time to decompress and review all of the things you’ve done good and bad throughout the year and figure out what you can fix; at least, that’s MY view on it.

When we started NWMotiv, there was nothing. Years of massive car shows came to a halt because the traveling circus events had over-saturated a market in an industry that was about to go flat. When the industry didn’t want to move, neither did the big events and the community was left with absolutely nothing. Complete teams quit and moved on, businesses closed or evolved into something else, and those that actually cared were left with pretty much nothing.


My goal, which shares the same vision as this website, was to revitalize the community by bringing the community back together. Our success is in that we don’t oversaturate a community; rather, provide it with professional, honest and highly competitive events in which to participate.  In any given year, we’ve never done more than four events that all cater to different aspects of the car industry, so excuse me if it’s a little hard to swallow when the SAME event comes back for the fourth time this year.

Don’t think for one second that changing an event format from day to night makes any actual difference on the type of event it is. It’s the same thing, just later in the day. You’re not fooling anyone.

Don’t get my opinion mixed up with promotion of our community. I personally have been involved with the import community since 1999 and don’t have any intentions of changing that, but like a concerned parent, when you get too much of something, it’s never a good thing. Eventually, the community will grow tired of all of the events, participation and attendance will dip across EVERY event and who suffers the most? Our local community.


When attendance and participation declines, so do sponsor and partner support. Venues no longer see a viable option in hosting an event that normally takes a lot of resources to manage correctly and efficiently, leading events to get scaled back to nothing.

I didn’t write to stop any group from doing their event, but there needs to be some perspective added to the situation and understand that I’m more than likely not the only one that believes it’s ridiculous. To what a lot of people might actually think, I care a lot about this community and don’t want to see a repeat of the past.

There is such a thing as overkill. It may or may not have an effect on us, but don’t be shocked if it does.