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HondaFestNW 2016

by on June 5, 2016

When NWMotiv first started HondaFestNW three years ago, we had no idea how successful it would become.

by Armin Ausejo by Vinnie Nguyen & Anthony Kim

Taking the reins from the Hondatech meet was no simple task, and we definitely had some detractors as soon as the event turned from a meet to a car show, among other things. Two years later, all of those concerns seem to be whisked away as HondaFestNW 2016 became the largest event in NWMotiv’s history. HondaFestNW-2016-2 With over 200 cars registered for the car show alone, we had already prepared for long lines and did our best to get the car show line flowing, but little did we know that outside the gates, the line of cars stretched all the way onto the highway as early as 8:30 am. Washington State Patrol praised us for how we were managing things, but they still had to keep traffic flowing, thus our system of separate lines for car show, VIP parking, and track events unfortunately couldn’t stay in place. Even after getting all of our car show participants parked and ready for judging, the line of cars stayed constant well into the mid afternoon, ultimately reflecting the estimated 8000 total people in attendance. HondaFestNW-2016-1 Unlike past years, weather wasn’t really much of a worry for the most part, which made it perfect for all of our car show competitors and racers alike. Replacing lead-follow this year was an SCCA auto-x set up in the pit area, which turned out to be a huge hit for everyone that participated. On the drag strip, Speed Factory Racing brought their Competition Clutch Outlaw Civic and tied their world record with a 7.91 at 187 mph, setting the bar impossibly high for just about everyone else. Between the drag racing, auto-x, and car show, HondaFestNW didn’t disappoint in the number of things for attendees to do and see. HondaFestNW-2016-3 The competition in the car show was as fierce as it ever has been, with the overall quality of each of the cars noticeably higher with each passing event. This made some tough choices for the judges, who ultimately crowned Justin March and his old school Honda Civic Wagon as the Best of Show winner for 2016. As much as some people might believe that the car show scene has moved on from its heyday, the competitors at HondaFestNW put up a huge argument against that type of sentiment. HondaFestNW-2016-4 Congratulations to our car show winners, and many thanks to all of our vendors, sponsors, and attendees. HondaFestNW couldn’t be a success without each and every one of you, and we hope to keep this alive for years to come. NWMotiv hopes to see you all next year! HondaFestNW-2016-5

Complete Winners List

Best Acura Integra (93 and older) Jerimiah Styles
Runner Up Acura Integra (93 and older) Kenta Hanson
Best Acura Integra (94 -2001) Cooper Boudia
Runner Up Acura Integra (94 -2001) David Bowers
Best Acura NSX Trung Pham
Best Acura RSX Douglas Foster
Runner Up Acura RSX Kevin Krieger
Best Acura Sedan RT Akins
Runner Up Acura Sedan Steve Diaz
Best Acura TSX Kevin Harris
Runner Up Acura TSX Tyler Macombe
Best Honda Accord (97 and older) Roy Thomson
Runner Up Honda Accord (97 and older) Sergio Zapien
Best Honda Accord (98 and newer) Austin Phipps
Runner Up Honda Accord (98 and newer) Zach Harms
Best Honda Civic (2012 and newer) Michael Reed
Runner Up Honda Civic (2012 and newer) Michelle Kanosh
Best Honda Civic (2006 – 2011) Brett Berntson
Runner Up Honda Civic (2006 – 2011) Josh Aylesworth
Best Honda Civic (2001 – 2005) Jessica Lee
Best Honda Civic (1996 – 2000) Franklin Woo
Runner Up Honda Civic (1996 – 2000) Isaac Lafountaine
Best Honda Civic (1992 – 1995) Travis Gottwig
Runner Up Honda Civic (1992 – 1995) Brian McAvoy
Best Honda Civic (91 and older) Bob Brandow
Runner Up Honda Civic (91 and older) Devin Hosking
Best Honda CRX / Del Sol Devin Hosking
Runner Up Honda CRX / Del Sol Justin Fritz
Best Honda Prelude Amber Truex
Runner Up Honda Prelude Jose Avalos
Best Honda S2000 Randy Olivarez
Runner Up Honda S2000 Doug Rody
Best Honda SUV/Van Joseph Sanchez
Best Honda/Acura Other Justin Akins
Best Bike Russel Tolentino
Show Class – 5th Place Isaac Lafountaine
Show Class – 4th Place Bill Master
Show Class – 3rd Place Huy Hoang
Show Class – 2nd Place Rich Furiguay
Overall Best of Show Justin March
Pacific Raceways Choice Rich Furiguay
Judge Choice Mel Diego
Vendor Car Justin March