Review: Scion FR-S

by Josh Mackeyon September 7, 2016
In the first of many, NWMotiv is excited to be launching new car reviews starting with the Scion FR-S!


Formula DRIFT 2016 Seattle Coverage

by Armin H. Ausejoon September 6, 2016
2016 marks the 10th year that Formula DRIFT has held a round in the championship at Monroe’s Evergreen Speedway.


Judging Part 4 – Overall

by Erich Breitkreutzon June 18, 2015
When it comes to presentation, your overall theme and execution is worth 40 points out of 215, read what our judges will be looking for and a recap of what you might have missed.


Timeless Menace – An Unsolved Mystery

by Josh Mackeyon June 10, 2015
A short story on the unsolved mysterious disappearance and secretive cover up of one of the Northwest's best Mazda RX-7's


SEMA Preview: Chris Dunbars 2009 Rocket Bunny GT-R

by Josh Mackeyon October 23, 2014
With just over a week before the masses flood the convention halls of Las Vegas for the SEMA show, we catch up with our own team member Chris Dunbar and his 2009 Nissan Skyline Rocket Bunny R35 GTR before it hits the road.